The best attractions in Barcelona staying at Lolita B and B. Come and visit us to experience the non-touristic Barcelona, ​​known by few, that will allow you to return home with an experience in the heart.

Lolita B and B and the local Barcelona!

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Barcelona is much more with Lolita B and B!

In the last article we suggested some of the major attractions of Barcelona to visit, while in this, as promised, we want to advise you of the activities that unlike the previous ones are less known and therefore more frequented by locals.
Lolita B and B wants to create a blog where it connects tourists and local people, explorer and places to discover. We want to help you live a different Barcelona, ​​beyond the classic attractions.

One of the places that fascinates us most and we never tire of visiting, is the so-called Bunkers del Carmel. From here you can see all of Barcelona from the top. This viewpoint is spectacular as you can see all the monuments of the city such as Sagrada Familia, Cathedral etc … as much as the sea and the mountains. In our opinion, the best time to go is during the sunset. The view will leave you speechless and you definitely want to come back the next day. We recommend that you bring drinks and food so you can also have a picnic while watching the beauty we are talking about. Upon your arrival at Lolita B and B we will give you all the directions to reach the place.

Another lovely place we suggest is the Horta Labyrinth Park. The park is located a bit outside of the city center that helps it to keep the charm. From Lolita B and B you can get there by metro or bus. It is one of the most beautiful and ancient parks in Barcelona, ​​little known, both for the distance from the center, and because not advertised as many other attractions. Access to the park is not free, but not too expensive, both to avoid overcrowding of people that would affect the atmosphere of peace and tranquility of the place. However, there are days and conditions, where access is free. You can take a look at this link for all the details.

Those who love art and architecture cannot miss the so called Avenida del Tibidabo, on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​close to the hills. In fact, on its sides there are beautiful villas and gardens, where the most powerful and rich families of Barcelona lived and still live.
You can get there with the blue trams that take the visitor up to the top of the mountain, crowned by the church of Tibidabo.
From Lolita B and B it is very easy to reach it and here too, do not worry, we will give you all the necessary information.

As the last attraction we suggest in our article, we recommend the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. Built between 1329 and 1383, by the entire population of the neighborhood but above all by the sailors carrying on their shoulders the huge stones needed, from the quarries in the hills to the square for the raising of the place of worship. This church is located in the Born district, where you can also visit fantastic vintage shops, the flagship of non-turist Barcelona, ​​as well as numerous bars and restaurants overlooking the small Plaza del Born.

We hope to have given you some useful tips to experience Barcelona that few people know.
As always, we invite you to comment or send us suggestions for upcoming articles.
We are waiting for you at Lolita B and B.

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