In this article we suggest the best bars in Barcelona, a few steps from our bed and breakfast Lolita B and B. Your B & B in Spain at cheap prices and in an unbeatable location. Our team is waiting for you and make you spend a fabulous stay like the bars presented in our blog.

The best bars in Barcelona not to be missed!

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Unique bars in Barcelona not to be missed!


Barcelona is also known as “the city that never sleeps” due to its vibrant nightlife. It is in fact one of the most popular destinations among young travelers interested in art and architecture, but who also want to have fun.

The city boasts an impressive array of nightclubs, so we decided to present a list of the most exclusive, special, and unique places to visit! In this article Lolita B and B will suggest you of the places not to be missed.


El Bosc de les Fades

Low lights and starry skies, under papier-mache trees and lanterns, it seems to be inside a real forest of fairies. Located near the Rambla, 30 minutes walk from our B&B, right in the city center, inside the Bosc de les Fades you can drink good sangría, surrounded by typical scenarios of a book of tales… and the sound of storms, even when outside it’s sunny. The restaurant, in fact, reproduces fake thunderstorms, with lots of lightning!



The Raval is the perfect setting to host the Marsella bar. A 25 minute walk from our bed and breakfast, Marsella bar is the oldest bar in Barcelona, ​​open for almost 200 years! Here, the time seems to have stopped at the bohemian age; high roofs, wooden walls, large crystals that hold liquor bottles dating back tens of years ago and dusty chandeliers revive its history. Many illustrious personalities frequented the Marsella bar for entertainment or inspiration, including Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí, Ernest Hemingway or even Pablo Picasso. If you are near the Raval quarter, the Marsella bar is a must see! Here the protagonist of the menu is without a doubt the absinthe, but alternatively you can also sip the excellent local vermouth.


Eclipse – Hotel Vela

Located on the 26th floor of the W Hotel, the Eclipse offers stunning views of the sea and the main landmarks of Barcelona. The setting is elegant, with modern design and luxurious style, good music and amazing cocktails. It is also possible to order an excellent aperitif accompanied by sushi.

If you want to have a drink and enjoy a beautiful view of the city at sunset, we highly recommend the Eclipse bar! We recommend that you do not wear casual clothes or shorts, as it is required “adequate” clothing.


Barcelona Pipa Club

Known for the Jam Session on Sunday evening and for the amazing Jazz Manouche musicians who frequent it, the Pipa club is a cozy and characteristic little place, soft lighting and vintage furniture, ideal for those who want to have a drink and listen to high quality music with professional musicians. If jazz is your favorite genre, we highly recommend it!

There are 2 local Pipa clubs, one is located in Placa Reial, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​20 minutes walk from the B&B, just behind La Rambla. The other is located in the charming neighborhood of Gracia, also about 20 minutes walking from Lolita B and B.


Espit Chupitos

Just 3 minutes from our bed and breakfast, right in the center, we suggest the very original l’Espit Chupitos. The restaurant offers over 600 types of chupitos very different from each other both for content and presentation. In fact, Chupitos are served by professional baristas in a spectacular way. Some of our favorite chupitos include:

  • The “boy scout”, where marshmallows are roasted over the chupito.
  • “Willy Wonka” – a chocolate liqueur with a chocolate bar.
  • “Monica Lewinsky” – but this is better than you find out for yourself!


Espai de gats

Do you like cats? Are you animal lovers? If the answer is yes, you will like this place!

The Espai de gats is the ideal bar to have a coffee in the company of cute kittens looking for a family. That’s right, the cats of the cafe are in adoption. It is a brilliant idea, isn’t it?

In addition, the Espai de gats offers excellent drinks and boasts a very friendly staff!

You can reach the Espai DeGats on foot, taking a nice 25 minute walk, or conveniently by metro, which is 5 minutes from our bed and breakfast.


Of course, Barcelona is full of many other characteristic places, of which we will certainly have the opportunity to speak in the next articles.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed the article and that our advice can help make your stay as fun and unique as these places!

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¡Que os vaya bien chicos! See you soon.

Lolita B and B

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